Types of Submissives

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Types of Submissives

You may have read our older article on the "Seven Different Types of Submissives" - it is a very popular read if you haven't read it yet! We have noticed that it does produce some strong emotions from subs reading it when they don't feel like they fit into one of those types or that we have made it seem targeted towards women as submissives.

Before delving further into a new list of types of subs, we just want to say that there is no one specific 'label' to suit one submissive! You may have traits of two or of three or even of seven different subs and that is completely okay. You don't have to pigeon-hole yourself as one type and make your behaviours and actions fit to just that one type. Our previous article referred more to general attitudes towards submission, whereas this article covers types of submissives in a different way! There are some overlaps though. Both are different to read, yet both are generally about types of submission which just goes to show that you can be submissive in whatever way you like and not conform to one exact way. Maybe you are a true submissive who loves to be a puppy and is also a masochist who wants to be 'broken' by their Dominant. Accept who you are, be confident in who you are, research BDSM and submission and learn, adore your Master/Daddy and just be the best you that you can be for him or her!

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We also just wanted to add that all these traits and behaviours and styles of submission are just as relevant to male subs as females or whatever you identify as. When we refer to a Dominant, you can also read that as Domme, and when we refer to a submissive, you can read that as him/her.

And lastly! Not all of these might be your cup of tea and that is okay. We are all unique subbies and our Dominants own us and want us and accept us for who we are. The best thing about being in a beautiful D/s relationship is that you can be you! There is never-ending learning and trying new things and playing different ways and so much exploring to be done. You can completely surrender control one day and want to be chased and tackled the next! That doesn't change who you are as a sub - it just means there are so many things to try. Have fun, adore your Domme/Dominant and enjoy everything this lifestyle offers you!

~ Master's lovely



This is adapted from an article on types of submissives: https://badgirlsbible.com/types-of-submissives

Learning about the different types of submissives can help you find your ideal flavor of submission. Keep in mind that there is plenty of room for experimentation. After all, people are complicated. If you don’t find that any single type of submissive fully describes you, you might have a few qualities from multiple–or all of these–categories. You don’t need to fit neatly into a single submissive archetype. The same goes for doms.

This list is by no means exhaustive! It just covers some of the types of subs:

1. Submissive brat

A brat submissive might not seem obedient or all that submissive from the outsider’s point of view. However, a closer look shows how this type of submissive likes to push buttons–but it’s all done in play. Doing so gets the brat attention from their partner, who is often known as a brat tamer. For a brat, this attention is the ultimate reward.

Examples: talking back, disobeying orders, resisting - do it in a fun way though, not a mean way!

2. Service sub

One of the most common types of submissives, service subs are all about performing tasks for their dominant partners. Serving can take on practical elements such as chores, errands, and paying bills.

However, service subs are also expected to service their partners sexually, and may need to perform tasks in a specific way. Acting as human furniture, kneeling, or dressing their dominant are all examples that are more unique to service submission or BDSM.

Examples: cooking, serving drinks, sexual service, cleaning, planning, taking pride in tasks done for your Dominant

3. Princess

A submissive princess generally wants to be adored and worshipped. Only then will she surrender control to her dominant. It’s not because she doesn’t respect her partner; she simply thinks highly of herself. 

Examples: resisting slightly with pouting and whining, expecting to be treated like royalty by their Dominant

4. Bottom

Bottoms receive stimulation, but it may only last for a session. Often, bottoms enjoy sensation but aren’t submissive, so they’re not interested in D/s relationships or taking orders.

5. Masochist

A masochist is someone who really gets off on pain–perhaps literally. The most extreme form of masochism is a pain slut who enjoys intense pain. Masochists may not hand over psychological control to their partners.

Examples: misbehaving or fighting back to encourage physical punishment; enjoying play punishments; trying painful kinks; asking for more intensity or stimulation

6. Smart-assed Masochist

A smart-assed-masochist or SAM is sort of a combination between a pain slut and brat. They show a playful side, often only to their partner and no one else. However, SAMs go further than brats because they’re masochists who crave pain, either physical or emotional.

Examples: talking back, making sarcastic jokes, mocking their Dom, questioning them and mouthing off; smirking; turning away when their Dom is talking or demanding attention

7. Break Me Sub

While brats may only talk back and smart ass masochists egg on their partners to incur their wrath, a “Break Me” submissive is all about the physical struggle. They’re sometimes known as combative bottoms. The dominant who is strong, smart, and fast enough to “break” this person will bring out their partner’s submission.

Examples: resisting physically until restrained; fighting back - pushing and hitting; running from their partner

8. Model submissive

A submissive model loves looking pretty and showing it off. They may shy away from activities that leave marks because it mars their beauty, and gravitate towards activities that enhance the beauty or let them see themselves.

These people may not really be submissive at all. Some like to look the part as long as the camera is on them but often don’t obey, receive pain, or participate in bondage in other ways. Of course, a person could be a model and an active submissive.

Examples: posing for the camera, dressing up in kinky gear, being bound for photo purposes, posting on social media to promote themselves

9. Slave

A slave never stops being a submisisve and turns over all control to their partner. Slaves are typically involved in 24/7 or Total Power Exchange relationships.

Examples: asking permission to masturbate, cum, eat, speak or use the bathroom; obeying orders, both explicit and implicit; completely surrendering control; being sexually available at all times

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10. Pet

Pets can include pony girls and boys, pups, kitties, and more. They act like and bond with their owners similar to animals. Each pet sub type has its own norms and expectations, so keep that in mind as you read more about this type of submission.

Examples: wearing pet costumes/accessories, moving on all fours on a leash, drinking out of a water bowl, obeying animal commands, sleeping in a cage or kennel, making animal noises, cleaning themselves, playing with pet toys

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11. Domestic discipline bottoms

Domestic discipline or DD is a lifestyle that overlaps with BDSM in several ways, but not many people consider it to be BDSM. Instead, domestic discipline is a way to keep households running smoothly, with the man/husband/father retaining control over his wife/partner and children. Spanking is common in domestic discipline, even if other BDSM activities aren’t.

DD is a traditional and somewhat conservative lifestyle and may complement the family’s religious beliefs, in which the husband is the caretaker of the family’s spiritual wellbeing.

Examples: taking care of the house and children; receiving punishment - especially spanking; obeying her husband/partner

12. Bedroom submissive

Bedroom submissives aren’t interested in a BDSM lifestyle or relationship. Instead, they want to enjoy giving up power inside the bedroom before returning to “normal” outside the bedroom. Submitting is fine as long as there is a time limit. Any expectations of submission outside the bedroom are unwelcome.

This is also known as a sex sub.

Examples: being bound for sexual purposes, receiving stimulation and impact, taking orders just for the duration of the scene, providing sexual pleasure

(A note from Master's lovely - this could be a lot of vanilla couples who aren't into BDSM, but just want to engage in a bit of kink in the bedroom. There is no power exchange outside of their kinky sex time)

13. Finsub

Short for financial submissive, a finsub hands over control to their finances to their findom or findomme. Sometimes the word “paypig” is used, which usually refers to a male finsub with a findomme.

Financial domination can easily be done online or in long-distance relationships.

Examples: paying a Dominant/Domme in cash, goods; obeying orders of their findom, being humiliated, providing access to financial accounts, asking for the use of their own money (like an allowance)

14. Rope bunny

Submissives who love to be tied up in rope are sometimes called rope bunnies. They live for the feeling of the rope against their skin. Usually, rope bunnies are female, and their rope tops (frequently called a “rigger”) are male, but this isn’t always the case.

Examples: being bound with great patience; posing for photos

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15. My-Dom-Can-Do-No-Wrong Submissive

This type of sub is less about how a submissive acts with or toward their dom than they do around other people. This type of sub assumes their dom has all the experience and knowledge in the world.

This view can come from the sub’s own lack of inexperience or naivety. Sometimes the dom is inexperienced, too. Think of this as a type of new relationship energy–it’s exciting but can be misguided. People with this type of submissive personality are sometimes annoying.

Examples: withholding opinions or taking on their Dom's opinion, talking about their doms incessantly; disregarding other's arguments

If you’re a bit worried that this submissive type can fall prey to abusive people, you’re right. This works as long as the dominant treats the sub well, but a submissive can easily ignore red flags and find themselves victimized and in dangerous situations. Sadly, Anastasia Steele of the Fifty Shades novels is almost a textbook example of this sub type.

(A note from Master's lovely - please don't forget that being a submissive does not mean being a voiceless doormat (although you can be that in play if that's what you have consented to)! You have a voice and with brilliant communication that comes with a successful D/s relationship, you should feel comfortable to speak up and tell your Dominant/Domme anything!)

16. Slaver-Than-Thou

You won’t need to guess if someone is this type of sub because they’ll come right out and tell you. They’re a 24/7 submissive–or slave– and think everyone else should be, too. Otherwise, people aren’t true submissives.

Examples: disliking being called a submissive and not a slave; proclaiming 24/7 submission best; avoiding safe words

17. True submissive

Subs who play out all the common submissive tropes sometimes earn this nickname. These submissives are usually inexperienced and eager to prove themselves, which can lead to some issues.

Examples: ignoring red flags in their desire to be submissive, acting timid or docile, avoiding interaction or isolating as an attempt to submit without stepping on any toes

18. Submissive in Training

A submissive in training can mean multiple things, which don’t have a lot to do with any particular type of submissive personality. First, it can be early in the relationship where the dominant teaches their expectations. A submissive in training may also be learning how to submit from someone they’re not in a relationship with, preparing them for future relationships. Either way, there’s definitely overlap.

Examples: learning about BDSM from others and media; experimenting with different types of submission; receiving punishment for errors; improving after mistakes; observing other subs/relationships; finding their own inner strength; keeping a journal; creating a training plan

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