Tips for New Baby Doms

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Tips for New Baby Doms

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Power Play and More Explicit Dom/sub Dynamics

  • Bondage: Buy some rope, tape, handcuffs, four-poster bed restraints, etc. OR improvise and substitute with household items such as a scarf or belt. Tie her wrists behind her back, and force her to suck you off. Or tie her to the bed frame (wrists and ankles spread-eagle, or just wrists) and tease her (great scenario to incorporate orgasm denial/forced orgasms here!). Think about including a blindfold to enhance the experience or to make her feel even more “vulnerable/helpless.” “I love having you all tied up so I can do whatever I want to that sexy/perfect/hot/tight little body of yours.” “I’m going to tease you for hours, and there’s nothing you can do about it now.” “I’m going to tease you until you beg me to let you cum/for my cock.”
    • If you want to prolong the tied up experience or create some nice sexual tension/anticipation, leave her tied up so she can see you, and then jack yourself off while enjoying the view. “I think I’m just going to enjoy the view for awhile.” Or alternate masturbating yourself and sliding your cock up and down her vaginal lips and along her clit.
    • Safety point: NEVER leave someone tied up alone in a room (if you need to leave to go to the bathroom or anything like that for a few minutes, make sure you can hear her if she calls out to you. NEVER LEAVE SOMEONE GAGGED AND TIED UP!). Also, have a pair of safety scissors nearby in case you ever need to get her untied quickly. Please do your research on rope-tying and/or other kinds of restraints if you are engaging in bondage.
  • Writing on her body: Use a dark marker (preferably one that doesn’t smear too easy) and write on a part (or various parts) of her body. What you write is obviously up to the comfort level and boundaries set by you and your partner – anything from a word (i.e. “Slut”, “Whore,” “Cunt,” “Bitch”, “Slave”, “Pet”, “Cumslut”) to sentences (i.e. “I’m a cock-loving dirty little slut,” “Property of [Name]/my Master”).
  • Make her put on a show for you: Command her to give you a striptease or a lap dance. Or get her to masturbate for you to watch. Or pick out a sex toy (i.e. dildo, vibrator, anal beads, etc.) for her to use on herself while you watch her use it. “I want to watch you play with/touch yourself.” “I want you to make yourself cum.” “Fuck yourself with this [give her whatever sex toy you’ve chosen]. Don’t stop until you’ve cum.”

In general, some suggestions for dirty talk that MAY add to a power-play dynamic:

  • Commands: “Come here.” “Suck me.” “Get on your knees.” “Beg for my cock.” “You’re going to cum for me now.” “I want you wet for me.” “Get on the bed and spread your legs/pussy/ass open for me.” “I want you on your knees, face down, ass up.” “Touch yourself.” (Try incorporating “now” at the end of any of these commands in a stern voice).
    • Note: If your girl does not like being blatantly ordered around, you can add a “I want you to…” in front of these kinds of commands to make it possibly more subtle or enjoyable.
  • Creating a sense of “possession” or “possessiveness”: “Mmm this tight/hot/sexy/perfect little body/ass/pussy belongs to me. Do you understand?” “You’re mine to play with and do whatever I want with.” Even a simple: “Mine” or “You’re mine” growled into the ear may be very arousing.
  • Erotic Verbal Degradation [Warning: This is generally a hate it or love it extreme, so please be careful – know your boundaries and understand that these terms can have EXTREMELY negative reactions and be an immediate turn-off for many women]:
    • Call her a “dirty/filthy/naughty little slut/whore/cunt/bitch/cumslut/sex toy.” “The only thing you’re good for is to be fucked/satisfying/serving me.”
    • Make her degrade herself: “What are you?” [Her: “Your little slut/whore/cunt/bitch/cumslut”] “What are you good for?” [Her: To be fucked/used/satisfying you”] “You’re my dirty/filthy/naughty little slut/whore/cunt/bitch/cumslut/sex toy. Say it/Repeat it.” If she hesitates, punish her with a slap/spank/pinch. “Not fast/quick enough. Let’s try again. (Repeat the question/your demand).” If her response is satisfactory, “Good girl/slut/whore/cunt/bitch/cumslut” Or “That’s better.” If you are not satisfied with her response, punish her until she gets it right.
    • Make her call you “Sir” or “Master.” Punish her every time she forgets to refer to you as that.
  • Praise/Compliments [This is a very good parallel to those who are not into verbal degradation, but still enjoy the power-play (Master/slave) dynamic]:
    • Positive terms like “Good girl/pet/slave” or “Sweetheart”, “Angel”, “Baby girl”, “Little one.”
    • You can “soften” “degrading” terms by adding a positive adjective – i.e. “What a sweet/good/beautiful/sexy/perfect/lovely/pretty little slut/whore you are.”
    • Praise her for satisfying you so well or how pleased you are with her behaviour or how well she’s pleased you: “What a good cock-sucking slave you are.” “You’ve satisfied/pleased me/your master very much.” “You’re such a good obedient little slave/girl/pet.” Or for taking her punishment so well: “You’re such a good girl for taking your punishment so well."

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